State Proceeds with Disputed Medical Marijuana ID Contract

State Proceeds with Disputed
Medical Marijuana ID Contract
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After hearing a litany of complaints from lawmakers, state health officials are moving forward with a contested contract to process medical-marijuana patient identification cards.

Edibles - Florida to set rules for edibles

Edibles - Medical marijuana grower pushes Florida to set rules for edibles

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One of the state’s largest cultivators and distributors of medical marijuana is pushing the Florida Department of Health to set rules that would allow thousands of cannabis patients to eat their medicine…/health-c…/article176580626.html

John Morgan Considering Running for Governor

If he runs for governor, John Morgan would push pot legalization

John Morgan has hinted time and again that he’ll throw his hat in the gubernatorial race, and now he’s suggesting recreational cannabis legalization would be his principal platform.

Under the medical marijuana program Morgan championed, Floridians with cancer, AIDS, chronic pain and other serious health issues can seek a doctor’s permission to use cannabis. As of early September, more than 36,000 patients had joined the state’s medical marijuana registry.

Board Prepares To Approve Rules For Medical Marijuana




The Florida Board of Medicine is preparing to vote on rules for doctors recommending medical cannabis.

State health regulators will vote on several medical cannabis regulations this week.

US Justice Department reportedly blocking marijuana research requests supported by DEA

By Douglas A. Berman

The Washington Post has this notable new article reporting that "The Justice Department under Attorney General Jeff Sessions has effectively blocked the Drug Enforcement Administration from taking action on more than two dozen requests to grow marijuana to use in research." 

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